Can I have my IPAF Training on my site???

Posted in Training, Working at Height on Feb 23, 2017 Comments

We often have customers asking if IPAF Training can be held on one of their sites instead of at our training centre. We can do this but customers have to provide a suitable site and machines for the training. We can supply the machines if required for a charge.

Please note, having the course on site does not mean your operatives will be finished any sooner than if they were trained at our centre. Because of this, we recommend the training take place at a fully accredited training centre to avoid any possible issues that can arise on site.

When booking on site, we ask customers to please sign and complete the below form confirming that their site does meet the required standards;

IPAF on Site 1.PNG

IPAF on Site 2.PNG

IPAF on Site 3.PNG

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