Our certified IPAF Training courses can now be supported by a new eLearning module from IPAF.

The new eLearning tool gives you a flexible and interactive option for completing the theory section of your training, and was researched and developed over the course of 2 years to ensure it provides effective training for all users.

The online course doesn’t replace the need to complete your practical assessment, but it does give you the option to complete the theory section at a time and pace that suits you. Once you’ve finished the eLearning module, you simply come to us to sit your written test and undertake the half-day practical session.

JPS Training will continue to offer classroom training, but the new eLearning module allows us to also provide for people who prefer to learn in a different way. You can use any device to access the materials, at your own pace, learning exactly the same material as you would in the classroom.

IPAF’s eLearning uses interactive tools, quizzes, videos and simulations, making it perfect for people who learn best through activities and practical exercises. You will still have to complete the supervised theory test and the practical training at an approved training centre, like our dedicated facility in Essex.

If you are interested in learning more about how to complete the theory part of your training using the IPAF eLearning tools, please call us on 0845 601 7738.