Asbestos Awareness Training


Operatives who may become exposed to asbestos during the course of their workday are required to have received adequate information and instruction in the risks of asbestos.

This course is awareness training that explains both how to recognise areas that may contain asbestos as well as how to avoid disturbing it and what to do if it is disturbed. Workers who plan to carry out work that will knowingly disturb asbestos will require a higher level of training which is not covered in this course.

Successful candidates will receive a JPS Training certificate, valid for one year.

This course can be held at our training centre or at a location of your choice, providing there is space for all candidates to be sat at desks (up to ten candidates per course), and sufficient space and power for the instructor’s laptop and projector.

If you have any questions or would like to book this course please call 0845 601 7738 and choose option 5, or e-mail

Please note that the course will be in written and verbal English. A translator can attend the course to assist your operatives but they can only translate, they cannot be a candidate on the course itself. Please let us know in advance if a translator will be attending.